McCrae Property Management Ltd

Management Services

Licensed Residential Property Management Services
Steps to effective management of your investment property
1. Based on market evaluation of your property, we do a mark evaluation and determine a rental rate.

2. Initial walk thru of the house allows us to recommend some possible maintenance to help achieve the best tenant for top dollar.

3. McCrae Property Management Ltd advertises online with RentBoard, RentFaster and RentCafe, but not limited to.

4.Photographs are taken of the property, the option to use a professional photographer to showcase your property is always recommended.

5. Tenant screening – Not only do we review the application, we call references, view potential applicants on their social media, Google their current home address, call employers & landlords. All tenants are thoroughly screened to avoid any possible issues down the road.

6. Credit Check – Mandatory credit checks provide us with a snapshot of applicants current financial history, debt to service ratio, bankruptcy and overall ability to pay.

7. Reference Check – We call the current landlord for rent payment history, housekeeping and overall rental character

8. Inspection – Ongoing property inspections are valuable. Prior to a new tenant moving in, we take photos, inspect the exterior and interior and document with great detail. We do annual inspections prior to lease renewals.

9. Maintenance – Maintenance is an everyday occurrence. We have qualified trades taking care of issues from leaking taps to leaking roots. Ongoing upgrades and care are key to maintaining the properties value and curb appeal.

10. Accurate accounting is one of the values of professional property management. Complete transparency of funds collected and spent on the owners behalf. We us Yardi Breeze to keep track of all our accounts payable and receivables on behalf  of our clients. Financial statements are generated in real time and all owners draws are sent electronically to their bank accounts on the 10th of each  month,  detailed statements are sent to each owner by email.