Define  EMERGENCY  as a tenant:

As the weather begins to change, all tenants should be aware of potential  issues in the property. Heating and plumbing are the biggest concerns for our tenants in the winter. NO heat is considered and emergency  and should be dealt with asap, house temperatures  will fall rapidly.  Check  your thermostat batteries , furnace  filter ( when did you change it last?) If all those are good, call your Property Manager asap. If  this is in the middle of the night, call a 24 hour plumbing and heating company. They can deal with your management company in the morning. 

If you live in an apartment and leave your windows open, you are at risk of freezing pipes. In the event a pipe bursts, water will leak into your suite and the one below and beside. This is an emergency,  call your Property Manager and your insurance, (you are going to need this now) If this happens in the middle of the night, call a plumbing company on call 24 hours. They can deal with your management company  in the morning.

If an appliance fails to perform, this is NOT an emergency , however,  notify your Property Manager at the start of the following work day.